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V & Charade RP


"Ahaha, the thrill of performance…" Charade laughed nervously, unsure of what to say next, so she did her best to enjoy the sunlight, despite her awkward mood.

After a moment, she noticed V’s vacant expression. “You a’right there? Somethin’ troubling you?”

Viridia blinked and drew in a breath as if she hadn’t been breathing. “Yeah, yeah! I was just thinking…”

"A dangerous pass time, honey…" JP shifted uncomfortably under the umbrella. "Remember, you’re here to get your head out of all that for a while, V."

Viridia curled her fingers, letting sand fall through her knuckles. “…”

V & Charade RP


"Hey, you already apologised once, no need to go all broken record on me! And banter’s banter, I can see that’s how you two operate so I’ve certainly got no problems with it. Stil…"

She took a moment to properly examine Viridia’s body, the gaze behind her sunglasses lingering perhaps a little bit longer than nessessary on V’s chest and the aforementioned rear.

"Wellll.. you don’t exactly need ta be a health nut to enjoy workin’ up a sweat~. It’s also a good way to ease away stress and tension, not to mention a shower afterwards feels oh-so much better~."

"Sweat isn’t exactly my forte… But you’d be surprised how hot it gets on stage when you’re performing. It’s hard not to feel tired even if you aren’t nervous, which is rare by the way."

V cracked knuckles. A habit she couldn’t be bothered to break.

"It’s been a while since I picked up the mic though…"

She zoned out for a moment, seemingly gazing at nothing in particular.

V & Charade RP


"You mean the Union as a whole, righ’?" Charade grinned.

"Eh, I guess the short version is we’re kinda like a cross between cops and park warderns -ya know, the kind that keep national parks n’ forests in order-: Sworn to protect People, Pokemon and Nautre and all that other blah."

"We’re different from the League’s rangers in that we’ve got stylers and enforce the law, whilst they’re typically limited ta Pokeballs-on-a-rope ‘n fancy hats. …not that we do much policin’ ‘round ‘ere, given Ohana’s techincially League turf n’ all."

She paused, noticing her Pachirisu had falled asleep in her lap so she took the chance to stroke it’s tail.

"Hey, question: If a League Gym is a place where Pokemon and Trainers battle to proove ‘emselves, d’ya also call a place where people work out usin weights n’ tredmills a ‘Gym’?"

Viridia ran her fingers through her hair. “Sheeeeeeiiittt…. I don’t even know. Probably. I’m not exactly a health nut, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in yoga pants.”

JP snickered and made a poor attempt to whisper to Charade. “It’s cuz she doesn’t have an ass.”

V gave her Snover the death stare. “Sure I do. It’s sitting right under that umbrella.”

JP put a clawed hand up to her chest in mock astonishment. “Damn! Got me there, love. Ahahah~”

Viridia rolled her eyes and turned back to Charade. “I normally wouldn’t apologize for her behavior, but I guess it’s my fault that she’s like this.”

V & Charade RP


"Druddigon… Druddigon… aren’t they those tunnel Dragons from Unova? Dunno if I want to meet one m’self, given they’re supposedly Sharpedo cousins, what with their skin an’ all.."

She sighed, watching a Wingull soar above the beach.

"Hm.. didn’t know there were different levels ta bein’ a Trainer. Suppose that makes sence though, we’re only limited by the number of wildlife we can take with us at a given point in time. Hmm…"

Her curiosity piqued, she turned to face V directly.

"Sooo are you the sort that goes after badges in an attempt to dethrone a powerhouse of a trainer? Or just has a licence so they can kick and smash stuff up and have a legit excuse~?"

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"Well, when you put it like that…" V snickered. "I mean, the gym in my home city was a fighting type gym. Not exactly an easy thing to beat when you only have little miss ice head over there." 

Her Snover pouted and crossed her arms from beneath the umbrella. “Well, that the hell do you expect! That bitch was crazy anyway…”

Viridia rolled her eyes. “Yeah, but I do have a few badges, for the record. You meet a lot of interesting people at concerts…. So they’re from different regions, but I don’t think that matters.” V shrugged. “I don’t really go out of my way to get them though.”

"What about you? You’re one of those ranger guys, right? What is it you do exactly?"



V at the bar with Jonas. 
This is why you do not get V drunk.


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Commission for Icytemporalist


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I passed round 2!

I’m so hyped right now! I’ve never passed round 2 of anything before!

V & Charade RP


"Eh, there’s probably worse vices. Take me fer instance, it drains me waay too quickly when I’ve gotta do something that isn’t fun. ‘sides, who says life’s gotta be easy for everyone~?"

Charade sat down on her her towel, watching V and JP and partially thankful that her sunglasses meant it wasn’t exactly obvious where she was oogling.

"So how’d you get into battling? Natural progression from getting yer’ trainer’s licence?"

V rolled her eyes at her Snowver and just decided to sit in the sand. “I like to watch things get the shit beat out of them. My team is pretty good at it. Win win.”

She paused as her Dragonair rested its head on her lap. “I started out when a concert I was at got a little too chaotic and some guy let his Druddigon loose.” She jabbed her thumb at her pokemon. “Then these two maniacs went crazy trying to protect me. The cops showed up and I would have got busted for not having a licence at the time if it hadn’t been in self defense.”

V shrugged, looking off at the ocean. “I don’t know…It’s fun. Takes my mind of shit. Why the hell not?” She smiled at the reptile in her lap. “As long as you don’t evolve, I’m in the clear. I’m not exactly qualified to train fully evolved dragons, and I sure as hell don’t want to be.” 

I am sorry Dia… (No I’m not.)
V, stop it. Stoppit now.